Puzzle Attack

Puzzle Attack 4.6

Old-school Tetris Attack homage


  • Faithful adaptation
  • Lots of levels and modes
  • Play online against others


  • Very basic
  • Higher levels are hard!


Puzzle Attack is a basic-looking retro homage to puzzle games like Tetris Attack and Panel de Pon for your Android phone.

The concept of Puzzle Attack is very simple - you move blocks horizontally around the screen in a limited number of moves to create color chains. When 3 or more colors connect, they disappear, and when all the blocks have gone, you move to the next level. There are 3 levels to choose from and multiple stages in each game.

Puzzle Attack doesn't have many options - you can create a profile and play online via a Google Account, and there's a browser-based Infinite Challenge that should keep you going if you want a change. Puzzle Attack remembers your game from one session to another, and you can also undo any move, so you'll always have the opportunity to remedy any mistakes.

Puzzle Attack is a simple puzzle game, but some will find it really addictive!

Puzzle Attack


Puzzle Attack 4.6

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